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WISHLISTS: Fragments (George/Luna)

Author: lauryne78
Recipient: thedreamisreal
Title: Fragments
Pairing: George/Luna
Request: Grief; running the joke shop; children
Rating: PG
Word Count: 625 (5 x 125)
Summary: Scenes from a (long) life.
Author's Notes: This is a style I’ve never really attempted before – completely fragmentary, hence the title, and divided into such short sections. These scenes are chronological, but there are intentionally long gaps of time between the events. I challenged myself to see what I could do with your prompt in as few words per scene as possible, thedreamisreal , and it really stimulated me to be creative. I hope you enjoy the results!!

FragmentsCollapse )
Author: lauryne78
Recipient: leigh_adams
Title: Some Enchanted Evening
Pairing: Seamus/Pansy
Request: A masquerade ball
Rating: PG-13 (for implications, really)
Word Count: 887
Summary: Pansy goes to the Ministry’s annual Hallowe’en masquerade. There is dancing. There is (almost) champagne. There is a masked man. Any more would be spoilers.
Author's Notes: Whenever I’ve written Seamus/Pansy, it’s always been the same type of experience – there’s always something about them that just “clicks” for me and the writing really flows. Maybe it’s the combination of her snark and his charm. Dunno. But this piece was no different - it came to me in the course of about an hour and practically wrote itself!! I hope you enjoy, leigh_adams !!

Read more...Collapse )

Aug. 28th, 2011

Author: lauryne78
Recipient: katzpajamas
Title: All These Broken Pieces
Pairing: Neville/Hannah
Request: “When you’ve spent so much time learning to fight battles, how do you go back to normal?”
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,304 (I know it’s a bit long, but I cut it down several times and this was as short as I could get it and have it still make sense – I hope that’s okay!!).
Summary: Hannah and Neville are both a bit lost after the Final Battle. Trying to make it on their own isn’t working, but maybe they’ll be better together.
Author's Notes: This is a sort of vignette style that (intentionally) leaves some moments between them off the page…but tries to evoke a feeling and tone with what it does show. It’s not a style I use too often, and I worked on it on and off all summer, so I hope it worked!! The title is taken from Snow Patrol’s song The Lightning Strike – Part iii, specifically “All these broken pieces fit together to make a perfect picture of us.” I hope you like it, katzpajamas – it was a lot of fun to write!!

All These Broken Pieces....Collapse )
Title: The Long and Lonely Road
Character Pairing: George/Luna for rarepair_shorts 
Prompt: flying bricks
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,428
Summary: It’s almost Christmas, and Luna feels further away from George than ever. Will a long walk help her clear her mind or only lead to more confusion?
Author’s Note: So. I think the last update I made on this series was roughly two years ago (*meep*). I never intended for there to be such a long gap, but I have to chalk that up to a combination of writers’ block, crazy-hectic RL, and a few other unforeseen factors. I hope that there are still some folks out there who might be interested in my perspective on this pairing and I apologize for the long wait!! My goal is to finish the series over the summer, hopefully before DH2 comes out…but at the very least before fall. Luna and George still don’t appear together in this one – sorry!! – but they will in the next one, which I’ve already started working on. This is 8 of 13, and it takes place on December 23, 1998, roughly three weeks after Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting). The feel of it is very loosely inspired by Snow Patrol’s song Lifeboats.
Link to Prompt Table: Click here!!

Sing out sing out...the silence only eats us from the inside up...I meant no harm...but I only get to say these words too late....Collapse )

Thank you!!

Thank you to all my lovely friends, whomever you may be, who nominated me at the R/Hr Awards. I'm exceedingly flattered and thrilled!!


:D :D :D :D :D

R/Hr Drabble: The Last Laugh

Author: lauryne78 
Title: The Last Laugh
Rating: G
Pairing: R/Hr
Word Count: 500 (for my original writing - not including the quote from HBP)
A/N(optional): Angst!! Lots of it!!

So....anyone want a fest?


So...I've been contemplating whether or not I can mod hpgeorgecentric again this year, a question that became much trickier to answer after my co-mod from last year apparently decided to leave livejournal for the time being.  I'm not sure there's enough interest for a second round, and I am far less free this winter/spring than I was this time last year...so I'm wondering if there are any ambitious George-lovers out there who might like to take on modding this fest (or, at the very least, co-modding....though I really would not be able to be a very active co-mod).

So the questions:

1)  First and foremost, would you like to see another round of hpgeorgecentric (posting in May of 2011)?
2)  If there is enough interest to hold a second round - would you prefer an anonymous exchange (like last year) or a prompt grab style fest?
3)  Do you love George enough to want to mod/co-mod a fabulous fest of fic and art focused on him?

If there *is* enough interest to go forward, sign ups would have to open within a month or so, so I'm trying to get some of these details sorted out pretty quickly.  If anyone is interested, please either reply to this post or pm me!!



When HP Invades real life....

 So I was in the local chain mega-bookstore the other day, waiting to check out with a couple of nifty new paperbacks and from over in the notecard and stationery area I could hear the babbling of kids playing with each other enthusiastically. Then, the following exchange:

Kids:  *laughter* *shrieking* *running footsteps*

Tired Mom: "Shh!!"

Kids: *more laughter* *a little yelling* *sound of children tumbling about on the carpet*

Beleaguered Mom: "Kids! C'mon....quiet!"

Kids: *raucous giggling* *thumping footsteps* *babbling conversation*

Mom Who Has Finally Snapped: "Silencio!"

Now, I know she could have been (and most likely was) speaking Spanish...but my mind just flew to HP and I started giggling in the checkout line. :D


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